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On June 15, the 127th Canton Fair was opened online. Sinomach-hi international equipment company successfully launched the first live show for overseas purchasers after preparations carefully.


Since the registration of the online Canton Fair, with the full support and participation of the Marketing Department of Sinomach-Changlin factory, the different divisions of Sinomach-hi international Company including the director group, host group, broadcast aid group, business group, equipment group, image group and security group who made full preparation and practiced hardly together in past two months, therefore, the live show has been attracted online consultation of customers in a few minutes.       

In the way of warm and lively interaction of the hosts, the live show was brilliant by introduction of the company-SINOMACH HEAVY INDUSTRY CORPORATION and its main products like excavators, loaders, graders, rollers and other products which were displayed on-site, by this opportunity, the axle workshop, structural parts workshop and excavator workshop was introduced intuitively as well. Besides, based on some hot issues suck as products commissioning and maintenance, packing methods in container for shipping that customers care about, the interview and the answers have been prepared specially during the show, so in the first day, the show not only received the attention and praise of China Chamber of Commerce, Machinery and Electronic Products but also attracted a large number of viewers. Through the positive responses in background of internet makes instant communicating and appointment easy and efficient for both buyers and Foreign trading team. For the first "screen to screen" live show and becoming " Internet celebrity ",The trading team made full preparations and were confident that they would not let go of any opportunity to facilitate the order.


As “barometer” and “wind vane” for China’s foreign trade, Canton Fair is an important platform for China’s foreign trade and opening to the outside. On the background of the Covid-19 spreading globally, in 63 years, This time is the first time that the Canton Fair moved online, it has enabled both Chinese and foreign customers to say at home replacing orders and making business from face-to-face negotiations in the past to today's "screen to screen" live trading, let china and foreign merchants stay at home to place orders and do business. As reported, Around 25000 enterprises have participated in the fair.

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