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There’s the bright prospects only when you are busy

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  June is the busiest season of the year. Joy and sweat are intertwined, sowing and harvesting are together. As the people works in the engineering fields, what we need to do is to try to grab back the lost time. Since this year, SINOMACH and its subsidiaries have taken various measures to maintain stability and promote growth.


  Since 2020, Changlin has never pressed the "pause button" in the face of the sudden epidemic test, on the one hand, it has been fighting for the project at the fastest pace, and has fully promoted the progress of projects such as "198" and "518"; on the other hand, it has strengthened sales, the initiative to serve and actively restore the offline marketing model.


  On May 27th, a group of customers more than ten people from Shandong Province visited Changlin Company. They visited structural parts workshops, axle-bridge box production line, and excavator assembly line. They affirmed in the aspects of digging and easy driving of the excavators. The visit reached a deal for some medium and large-scale excavators.


   T series loader was delivered to a large sand field in Xiangyang. Changlin 955T, 966T are widely recognized and praised by the market, they are the two classic products, with excellent product quality and excellent product performance.



  The special long-cylinder test stand developed by Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery Co., Ltd has been delivered to the customer's site. This project is a test bench customized by Tiangong Institute according to customer’s needs. It can meet the loading test requirements of various special long cylinders. The loading force reaches 200 tons, the test length exceeds 30 meters, the technical difficulty is large, and lead time is short.


  To ensure the production progress of the new 8-ton product, Chang Jiang’s front-line employees took the initiative to abandon the two-day weekends holiday and stayed at the production site for 2 consecutive days. Each process works in an orderly manner according to its own division of labor, competing to seize the time, to ensure that the planned tasks are completed at the given time nodes, and time is given for the next sequence of assembly and production of the entire vehicle.


  At the same time, International company also made new progress in overseas markets, batch of 966, 957Z, 957H, 955T and 937H Wheel loaders, 722, 717H, 713H Motor graders, ZG3225LC-9 excavators, 620CH backhoe loaders, etc. were successfully sent to Russia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Mozambique and other countries.

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