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SINOMACH-HI International Equipment Co., Ltd. attended “The Belt and Road” Engineering Machinery International Cooperation Forum

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On 5th. September, David Chen, the general manager of SINOMACH-HI International Equipment Co., Ltd., was invited to represent SINOMACH to participate the 2nd “The Belt and Road” engineering machinery international cooperation forum. The forum was organized by China Construction Machinery Industry Association. David Chen had a keynote speech.

In accordance with the principle of “Co-Industry, Co-Construction and Co-Sharing”, the forum is focus on the impeded trade. It aims to continuously promote the trade and cooperation between China and the countries along “The Belt and Road” in the field of construction machinery. “The Belt and Road” will go deeper and move towards higher quality development, boosting the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry to “go global” and further expand overseas markets.

 In the keynote speech entitled "Harmonious Development and Creating ‘The Belt and Road’ Win-Win Cooperation", David Chen introduced the SINOMACH to government officials and business representatives from more than 30 countries along “The Belt and Road”. The basic situation and overseas layout, as well as the development achievements and success stories of some countries such as Myanmar, Philippines, Uzbekistan and Iran which are along “The Belt and Road” countries. David Chen called on Chinese construction machinery peers in overseas markets such as the “Belt and Road” countries to carry out orderly and benign competition. The propose is to jointly explore how to maintain a healthy and orderly development of the market in the future, and made in China to create benefits for the countries and people along the “The Belt and Road”.

The delegations visited the SINOMACH booth after the forum.


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